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Flashback to January of 2016 : This was the moment. After a year of intense brainstorming sessions and a vision for a better future of nutrition for all the people around the globe, body sport nutrition finally came into existence.Not the most dramatic story out there eh? Well, we know that, but dramatic isn’t quite what we are made of. We dare and we dare to be great. With the idea to change the entire dynamics of the health supplement industry that has become majorly dubious over the years, we have set out to create a brand that puts assured quality & science into its range of products. With that vision and all it entails, we know we are going to be the contenders to the champions existing out there. But you know what? That’s why we dare and we love that. So, as we embark on our new journey from humble beginnings, we heartily welcome all of you: the darers, the crazy ones, the innovators, the dreamers, the believers, the achievers, the underdogs, to join us for this epic ride as we take the health and fitness industry by storm.

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Body nutrition Ltd, 2 Trio, Accornfield Road, Knowsley. L33 7UG (From the UK)


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